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PRECIOUS METAL CLASSIC CARS.COM offers far more exposure to a                 world-wide market  than any of our competition! 

We are a new and unique website for today's Classic Car Investors / Collectors seeking to display their rare, pristine, award-winning, show quality Precious Metal to the world! Collecting Classic Cars has become much more than just a hobby in recent years with huge profits making it a better investment than stocks, bonds, even real estate in many portfolios. We offer the investor a Gallery of Prestigious Automobiles to view, and the seller a unique opportunity to reach a serious and qualified market through our vast social media marketing and our unique monthly digital magazine.

A must visit destination for all automotive enthusiasts seeking the latest news and information about the classic car hobby, and market. Wall Street has moved to the classic car auction house stages around the world! Today’s collectors / investors need to stay informed or risk losing or gaining fortunes! It is our goal to keep you up to speed in today’s market, and in an informative and entertaining format! Most classic car collectors today divide their time between race tracks, car shows and rallies, and auctions. We want to keep you informed on every aspect of this great hobby we spend all our time consumed in. Happy Motoring!  The age old Cliché, "This isn't your father's Oldsmobile," aptly applies to todays classic car collecting hobby. The past decade has seen significant changes with an overwhelming increase in the number of investors whose primary interest is in making money at auctions, rather than making friends at car shows. While the car shows, rallies, and club gatherings are still just as important, many wise investors will now use them as marketing tools to promote their rare investments. As wise as our fathers and grandfathers might have been, none of them could have imagined a $50 clunker bringing a half million dollars at an auction today! Real estate has always been the foundation for successful investors. A $30K home in the 60's may now be worth $300K in most markets, but a $5K COPO Camaro in the 60's could fetch $500K at auction today! Who could have ever imagined! 

It’s estimated that 70% of classic car enthusiasts are in the 50 plus age group. Aka wise, mature, senior citizens! It’s also estimated that 70% of that group’s number one interest is investing and building their portfolios. It only makes sense that Precious Metal should be part of that interest! Be assured, that your future and best interests and financial success, as well as your enjoyment and entertainment are our number one concern. Precious Metal Classic Cars.Com’s primary interest is assisting you in selling your classic car as expeditiously as possible, and netting you the highest possible return. The Precious Metal Classic Car Magazine is a monthly, on-line digital magazine published by Precious Metal Classic Cars.Com, a website devoted to offering the classic car community a refreshing new and improved venue for buying and selling their classic cars. Your ads on our website are full page, commercial free ads focusing on your precious metal, rather than advertisements. With unlimited pictures, text, and video, your car is listed until it sells, and we promote it extensively across the social media with a special focus on our Facebook page  where we get thousands of visitors every day!"Exposure" is the key to success in selling your classic car, and that’s what we do, "expose" your classic car to the world, and for a much more reasonable price than the competition!